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Website Updates!!!

Dear diary,

As a serious business woman (I AM!!! I have a pink t-shirt that says it if you would like proof) I have learned that a professional website needs frequent if, not daily, maintenance. This is why it has been over 2 years since my last blog post. Hashtag killin' it. As a true Gemini (oh my god Andy Nielsen I can hear your eye roll from here!! - you hear eyerolls right?) I change my mind about what I want Unco to be, and where we're going, and what our goals are about.... 25 times a day. This is not frustrating for the people in my life I assure you. I'm certain they find it charming.

With all that said, and with it being a brand-spanking new year!!! I'm proud to introduce: SOME WEBSITE UPDATES!!! cue fireworks and confetti.

I had to add 'some' because it is extremely overwhelming and an on-going process. Only got about 25% done of what I wanted to by the year end, BUT it's something!!! :)

I started with FAQs because I am notoriously horrible at getting back to people in a timely manner* (I'm working on it I PROMISE - new year remember)!! So maybe this will help a bit for people who just need a quick answer to something. UNCO FAQs

*Sidenote: On the topic of being horrible at getting back to people I want to say if I have ever taken an annoyingly long time to get back to you, or just forgot to get back to you at all, I am truly sorry. I put it in bold people, I mean it. I don't have an excuse. I think there is something wrong with my brain. I want to respond, I really do! I just... don't. MY OWN MOTHER texts my husband more than she texts me because I am so awful at responding. Also, he hangs out with Mo 99% of the time so she can get constant Mo status updates. That should be an app...

Going through FAQs (which are definitely not done so feel free to tell me ones to add! Or I guess just ask questions... then I can add those...) led to me needing long, overly detailed, excruciatingly complicated answers. Thus the subpages were spawned and revamped!

There is now a probably way too long pricing guide to give you an idea** of what your desired custom cookies may cost. There is also a healthy section with me ranting about how much I hate doing pricing, and the fact that charging any money, let alone luxury baked goods prices, makes me physically ill. Just ask Anika and Andy. They will tell you tales.

**All custom cookie requests will require a custom quote. They just do. I tried to figure out a set price and it's impossible. See aforementioned rant on the pricing page for more details.

Check out the new section on PARTIES! I worked waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long on this, but I really need y'all to tell me if it doesn't make sense or whatever.

I'm going to be adding a section on classes as soon as I get organized enough to properly prepare some. These will be different from parties in that the participants will be more focused on learning a specific decorating skill rather than having fun. There will be zero fun tolerated. Everyone will get a supplies kit that they get to take home and all that junk. It'll be groovy, I'll let everyone know when that's live and kicking.

Please let me know in the comments what kind of classes you want or whatever! I was thinking of royal icing 101, wet on wet technique, airbrushing, royal icing flowers, dipping 101, blah blah blah I don't know I have a list somewhere...

The Events area got a lil makeover. I'll post if we're going to be at pop-ups or events and all the info like addresses and all the delicious details. I want to start doing some open haus days where people can come to the Cookie Haus and say hi, have a cup of coffee in one of our MANY mugs, snoop around the treasure wall, and shop for some in-stock whatever cookies we have made. It'll be fun! And if no-one shows up I'll just do a stupid project so win-win. So yeah, those will be on the Events Page...

The shop section still needs a lot of work but for now we don't have the pre-orders and in-stock cookies up. That section is back into conceptualization. I'll let you know when I've finally decided what to do. I'm also mulling over new merch options. To be continued on that as well.

There is a new KITS section where you can order custom kits for your own cookie party or whatever :) We did a bunch of these over the holidays and it was really fun!

I thiiiiiink the online Gift Certificates section is working now. So yeah you can get those there. Or come to the Cookie Haus to get a physical one. I should really make some way to have them be cookies. Put a pin in that...

I think that's pretty much it as far as the website changes. Yay for the new year and gettin' stuff done!



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