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Quarterly Cookie Boxes!

Youuuuuuu guys! I've always missed the subscription boxes. Ever since we stopped doing them there is a weird void in my world. I need to be able to plan over the top stupid cookies for no real reason. But I also love doing custom orders for people... but it is so dang time consuming... bottom line: I just can't do the subscription boxes like we used to do every month. It's too much.

I made my choice, thought I made my peace with it but then a beautiful little angel baby suggested doing quarterly boxes. YAS!!!! It's perfect! And let's not mess around with subscriptions (for now... I'm brewing up something stupid that may include an annual subscription to the quarterly boxes if people are in to them... we'll circle back on that) I will just make a certain amount, people can pre-order them online or buy them at the PICKUP PARTIES if there are extras :) Fun right??

I have loosely planned the first year of boxes out and scheduled the pickup parties! For now the pickup parties are all scheduled from 10am-2pm at the Cookie Haus. The dates are June 1st (Picnic themed), September 1st (back to school themed), December 1st (winter wonderland themed) and March 1st (theme TBD), which all are weirdly on a Saturday or Sunday.

Pickup parties are going to be basically Cookie Haus hangs. I might have some extra cookies for sale, contests and games, refreshments, maybe I'll make my dad play guitar... they'll be fun!! Come say hi even if you didn't buy a box! The more the merrier!

Now for a giveaway!!! It has been WAY too long since we've done a stupid social media giveaway!! Help me come up with the March 2025 box theme and you will win a free 6 pack quarterly box! Leave your theme ideas in the comments and on May 1st I will announce the weiner!!!!!

I'm very excited for this!!! Here are some pics of old boxes to get your little mind grapes tingling :) love you all!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo, Wit

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