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ND Today: Making & Decorating Sugar Cookies -  Christmas Eve, 2021

Unconventional Cookies: 

We had a blast decorating XMAS cookies with Heidi of ND Today/KFYR Bismarck-Mandan. She is now teaching classes of her own!! Well, don't quote us on that. Anyway, we'll come skill you up if you're interested!

Click on the pic for the segment 

Full vidya here!!!

Anika Kleingartner & Witney Nielsen of Unconventional Cookies speak at 1MC

1 Million Cups, Bismarck/Mandan - Presenters-  June 6th, 2021

Unconventional Cookies: Thank you for joining and bearing with our ridiculousness!!!!

Click on the pic for the presentation (if you dare)... 

Full vidya here!!!

STUDIO 701 ND, Live On-Air segment -  May 4th, 2021

Unconventional Cookies: May the 4th BE WITH YOU all..... Witney's Creations are Out of this GALAXY.

Click play on the pic on the right for an in-screen interview replay! 

Full vidya here!!!

KFYR-TV News Story and Video Spotlight, May 4th, 2021

Unconventional Cookies: Bismarck artist starts sweet business - inspired by fan love! 

Click play on the pic on the right for an in-screen interview replay! 

Full vidya here!!!


Most Unconventional Baked Goods

UNCONVENTIONAL COOKIES - 2107 E Rosser Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 You cannot dream up the wild creations at Unconventional Cookies! The wicked sense of humor and quirky talents show through in the creator’s beautiful cookie designs!

Most Unconventional Baked Goods 2021 Bismarck-Mandan Townie Award
Rookie of the Year 2021 Makewell Award

MAKEWELL Inaugural Midwest Maker Awards, Jan. 2021

Rookie of the Year

Witney Nielsen of Unconventional Cookies

The Rookie award recognizes someone just starting out that's totally crushing it.⠀
"Seriously, her cookies are THE most creative. Just off the top of my head- she has made a pooping pug cookie that drops sprinkles out, an adorable piñata cookie, insanely creative scary Halloween cookie - they are all so good! They look great but also just elevate the game of what sweet treats can be!"⠀
We can't wait to see where her business takes her & will be her #1 fan along the way. Give it up for Witney!!! 

KFYR-TV News Story and Video Spotlight, Sept., 2020

Unconventional Cookies: Bismarck artist starts sweet business

Sometimes, life’s biggest flops end up being a life-changing moment. A failed batch of cookies inspired Witney Nielsen to make a sweet career change.


Click play on the pic on the right for an in-screen interview replay!

Full story here!! 

Sally Fields You like me, You really like me!

In all UNCO seriousness tho,

We are very much in love with our customers, fans, followers, subscribers, website visitors, blerg readers, award nominators, doggies, word of mouth and grass roots UNCO warriors!!!!!


I missed a lot of categories - but y'all are seriously the Flim Flammin' BEST and we get emotion filled about how lucky we are to have the bestest ever people supporting us....... and our black hearts are melting!!

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