Anika Kleingartner,

Unconventional Operations

Bidness bish & operations. Dabbler of most, Master of None. Loves to "talk strategy". Devotee to Witney, Unconventional Cookies, and to our pre, pre-school dreams coming true.

BFF to Witney, since 1988

Witney Nielsen,

Founder & Overlord 

The cookie mama jama herself - qween bee of creativity and O.G. of Unconventional Cookies - Witney, "no H" Nielsen.

She's the artist conducting one-sided arguments with you, the customers, as she does it all (o, that's probly why). Fan girls love her adult 'gimme fits' and come back for more of the cookies and rants.

BFF to Anika, since 1988 

Andy Nielsen, 

Delivery Boii

UNCO brings you the sweets AND the heat. and the man meat? - this is so inappropriate.

Married into the friendship, 2015

Meet the so dysfunctional, we're functional team!!!


'Secret Assistant' to the Assistant Manager

 Gala is auditioning for Cobra Kai b/c 'no mercy', but she can also style her hair into a mohawk.

A real UNCO team player, Gala will guard the bathroom door as you make. (not cookies)

Born into the friendship, 2018


Branch Manager

Henlo, I Mo. I be involved and I am #1 manager. Everyone here loves me sooo much, that I make them feed me by hand. They do it too, can you friggin believe it?!? HA!

Buncha suckers. Also - where da doogie cookies at, Mama?!?

Born into the friendship, 2010

Chuck McTubbins, Warehouse Manager

Fav movie - "Batman & Robin" 

"In this universe, there is only one absolute. Everything... FREEZES!"


We at UNCO owe so much to the McTubbins family. #blessed

Present at both Witney and Anika's births. 

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