Custom cookie inquiries? Listen up!!!

Custom orders are a popular request. So much so, we had to put on an indefinite hold in order to maintain staff sanity.  Welp, we're doing a trial run and accepting VERY FEW custom cookie requests. Details below!

ALSO: The cookies freeze SUPER well, up to 6 months with no problem! So, GO - plan ahead my darlings.  

The situation: 

Order must meet certain qualifications/minimums:

  1. Must meet order minimum of $100 plus. (Our cookies range from $5 up.) - Sorry we bougie, but our time for customs is so limited!!!!

  2. Follow cottage food hand-off guidelines in relation to Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln, ND area. 

  3. Pricing guidelines/averages are listed below - ya welcome! If you are looking for gratis or discounted stuff - refer to our FAQ. Thxxxxx. (if they make more money than us, we will be less inclined to donate. And...we don't make like...anything.)

Fill in our custom order form below - 

NOTE!  We can do big, crazy centerpiece cookies, or, more simple handout stuff - comment "collab further" or something if you want to brainstorm with us!!!

Pricing examples/averages by cookie, sorted by: "less intensive to massively off the wall crazy cookies"

Less-Intensive/AKA Eddie Printer (with finishing piping detail): $3.50-$5.00

Medium-Advanced Intensity (Involves piping, airbrushing, details) : $5.50-8.00

Advanced Intensity (lots of detail, thought, time, science and ingredients involved): $9.00-$18.00, up


Off the wall, bonkers, cuckoo bananas, make your JAW DROP cookie sculptures???  We're INTO it and LET's TALK!!!

Submit your custom request

Use promo code FREESHIP for free shipping & delivery - applicable to orders $100 min.

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