Custom cookie inquiries? Listen up!!!

Custom orders are a popular request. So much so, we had to put on an indefinite hold in order to maintain staff sanity.  Welp, we're doing a trial run and accepting VERY FEW custom cookie requests. Details below!

ALSO: The cookies freeze SUPER well, up to 6 months with no problem! So, GO - plan ahead my darlings.  

The situation: 

Order must meet certain qualifications/minimums:

  1. Must meet order minimum of $100 plus. (Our cookies range from $5 up.) - Sorry we bougie, but our time for customs is so limited!!!!

  2. Follow cottage food hand-off guidelines in relation to Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln, ND area. 

  3. Pricing guidelines/averages are listed below - ya welcome! If you are looking for gratis or discounted stuff - refer to our FAQ. Thxxxxx. (if they make more money than us, we will be less inclined to donate. And...we don't make like...anything.)

  4. For info on deposit fees and rush order fees - check it here.

Fill in our custom order form below - 

NOTE!  We can do big, crazy centerpiece cookies, or, more simple handout stuff - comment "collab further" or something if you want to brainstorm with us!!!

Pricing examples/averages by cookie, sorted by: "less intensive to massively off the wall crazy cookies"

Eddie Printed Image on "Naked Cookie" (no frosting): $3.50-$4.00

Less-Intensive/AKA Eddie Printer (with finishing piping detail): $4.25-$5.00

Medium-Advanced Intensity (Involves piping, airbrushing, details) : $5.50-8.00

Advanced Intensity (lots of detail, thought, time, science and ingredients involved): $9.00-$18.00, up


Off the wall, bonkers, cuckoo bananas, make your JAW DROP cookie sculptures???  We're INTO it and LET's TALK!!!

Submit your custom request

Thanks for submitting!

Once we reach a MAX number of submissions - We'll close the sucker down! Temporarily.