Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Unconventional Cookies located?

Bismarck, North Dakota! We are now doing box pick-up days at Nodakian Studios: 2107 E Rosser Ave. Bismarck, ND 58501. Check the calendar for upcoming dates!

Can Unconventional Cookies ship cookies and cookie by products??

NOPE! Sorry little one. Sad face. Unfortunately Unco is not run out of a commercial kitchen so we can only do in-person sales at this time. Although, you the customer can send them wherever the heck you want after the cookies pass from my hands to yours. OR you can buy me a bakery. Those are my very limited shipping options. Oh and if you win a free box in a giveaway or something. I can ship free stuff... and stickers. Just no cookies. booooooooo 😿

How do I order a custom box?

Well... this is awkward. I'm not really doing custom orders at this time. Hopefully one day when I am streamlined and organized, but for now monthly and holiday boxes only. Visit the shop section of the site to check out what's currently available! They freeze really well!!!!!

Can you make my cookies gluten free?

In theory... yes. I have done gluten free. But I think the recipe is icky, so I'm not super keen on doing it again until I find a better tasting one. If that makes sense...

What ingredients do you use?

My cookies are your typical, old-fashioned sugar cookies. Cookie ingredients: All-Purpose Flour Granulated Sugar Eggs Vanilla Salt Baking Powder Butter Royal icing ingredients: Meringue Powder Confectioner's Sugar and various food coloring

What is the deal with the subscription boxes?

Essentially it is a cookie of the month club! Instead of wine or makeup samples or whatever the typical "of-the-month" clubs are. Each month has a theme and they are super fun!!! When you sign up you are essentially reserving your next month's box. So if you sign up in September your first box will be the October box. Does that make sense??????????? If not just message me! Visit the monthly subscription boxes page for more info.

How do I sign up for the subscription boxes?

GLAD YOU ASKED!! Visit the subscription box plans page to pick your plan!

Can I buy a gift certificate?

We currently don't have physical gift certificates, but if you would like to gift a box or subscription, just contact me and we will get it all worked out!

How long are they fresh? Can I freeze some of my cookies?

YES!!! They freeze really well and from all of my super scientific research (googling and personal taste testing) they are great at room temp for 2 weeks if kept sealed. They will start to dry out if left out of the freezer for any longer than that. They freeze well for up to 6 months. I haven't experimented with longer than that and my BFF google suggests that as the longest you should keep them too. My suggestion for freezing is to keep them in their lil bags that I fresh-pack them in, and then put them in a freezer bag or tupperware thingy. I always then wrap my tupperware in saran wrap and tin foil... it's probably overkill but a wasted cookie is a tragic thing...

Do you charge for shipping and delivery? What about pick-up?

Good questions, y'all!! We do charge a flat $5 shipping fee and/or delivery fee. All cookie-related deliveries must be located within the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln area, ya hear? We ship all apparel, kits, etc. (non-food product) orders for a flat rate of $5 bucks within the U.S (little more if you're in Scotland!!) Pick-Ups are held at least once a month, and you can bypass all fees by stopping by and smiling!! Check out our event calendar above for the latest and greatest info on pickup days!


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