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Quarterly Cookie Boxes

Once upon a time Unconventional Cookies made a special subscription box of cookies each and every month. Wonderful little Unclings would gather by the millions (give or take a million) to pick up their boxes of cookies and gaze upon the beauty of whatever stupid theme Witney had picked that month. Unfortunately Witney's poor time management, and an overwhelming demand for custom cookies, led to the end of the subscription boxes. Things have never been the same. A fog of depression began to loom, children wept in the streets, the sky seemed a little bit less blue... UNTIL NOW! We're bringing back boxes baby!!!! (kind of)

Introducing our new Quarterly Cookie Boxes!!! Every 3 months a new themed box will be released at a Cookie Haus Pickup Party. The boxes will be available in our classic 3 sizes: 6 Pack (6 cookies...), Baker's Dozen (13 cookies), and the Biggo (24 cookies). There will be a limited amount of presale boxes and there's no subscription necessary!! Simply click on the box name below to take you to a link where you may purchase your box. Easy peasy lemon squeezey! As always any questions, comments or concerns may be emailed to us at

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