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Pink Sugar

Build Your Own KIT!

Let's see how overly complicated I can make this! I'm trying here people!!

Plain sugar cookies - $12 (come in packs of 6 of the same shape*)
*All shape requests may not be possible... but most are. 

Royal Icing - $5 per bag (you choose color* and consistency**)
*any super specific color requests will require examples to be sent
**Icing may be requested in the following consistencies:

Piping - Thicker consistency. Best for outline work and details

Medium - (15 second flood icing) Thinner consistency that still holds soft structure. Best for "1 bag" decorating as it can be used for outlining and flooding

Flood - Thinnest consistency. Best for covering cookies quickly and evenly (use with piped icing edges to contain flood and avoid icing overspill on cookie)

Add a coupler to piping bag - $1 each

Sprinkle packs - $2 (currently by special request* only, choices coming soon)
*I know this is a terrible way to order sprinkles but for the time being just describe what you want as best you can and we will try to accommodate. 

Boo Boo Stick - $3 each

Everything is flexible and optional. Order zero cookies and 17 bags of icing for all I care. It's your life boo boo <3


BYO KIT Request Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form below to build and order your own custom cookie decorating kit! If you have a notion in your noggin' but don't see the option just ask! 

Royal Icing Choices ($5 per bag)

Please put any custom color details in additional info field

Piping Consistency
Medium Consistency
Flood Consistency
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