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The Ultimate CCC Experience

That might be over selling things a bit... BUT I'm super dee duperly excited to announce the addition of Chocolate Chip Cookies to the Unco fam! I know what you're thinking - who in the actual crap would ever say super dee duperly? I agree. But I committed to it. Spell check didn't like it one bit. I had to fight for that stupidity. Let's move on...

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!! Girl you know its, girl you know its, girl you know its true!!!! I am currently collaborating on a super fun project with some super cool peeps and its real super. These fine individuals challenged me to make a really good cookie. Disregard the looks completely, just make it yummy. So essentially go against all of my natural instincts to bedazzle and decorate.

My first thought was of course chocolate chip cookies. I've been wanting to delve into the uncharted territory for awhile now, but which type of chocolate chip cookie should be the "UNCO" signature chocolate chip cookie? I feel like there are a zillion variations and everyone prefers a different kind. Now this goes against even more of my Witney instincts - my need to try to please everyone. If I pick a cakey textured CCC over a chewy one and someone is disappointed than I am a FAILURE! This led to many test batches in our lil pink trash kitchen (why am I showing this horrifying picture? Keep your judgements to yourselves, I already know) ***Side note: I took this week (mostly) off from cookies and gave the ole kitchen a deep clean and reorganization, so seriously please don't judge!! Jeez! Why don't I just not post it..............................

Well no surprise I couldn't decide on a favorite let alone one that I would consider "unconventional" enough to be OUR one and only signature ccc cookie.... you guys, my life is so hard. Moment of silence for my plight please.

Anywho yada yada yada the idea for chocolate chip cookies 6 ways was born!!! I got feedback from a buncha people and ate waaaaaay too many ccc's but the final 6 have been created, decided on, named and branded. Introducing:

Isn't it exciting!!!? (apologies, I have had a lot of sugar lately...) well let's introduce the gang shall we?

I legit can't decide which is my favorite, It changes daily. My feedback was all over the place as far as faves as well. So I thought it would be fun to try a little poll!!! Please participate! It will make my heart so happy! And I know that this might seem like some sneaky ploy to get you to buy these cookies because you have to taste them before you can really participate in the poll, but its not. really.... well kinda I guess. Let's just move on.

What's the Most Popular CCC?

  • 0%CowPie

  • 0%Donatella Versace

  • 0%Mary Poppins

  • 0%Della

So you ready to buy this crap or what?!? Here is the link where you can purchase them online If I have them in-stock and ready to pick up at the CH (or I guess I have my little cookie mobile now... I can deliver!) but yeah if there aren't any in-stock you should be able to do a pre-order and then I can get them to you lickety split! (ish) K now I'm explaining online shopping. I think I'm avoiding the dishes or something. ANYWHOOOOOOO I hope y'all are as excited as I am about this! WOOOOOOOOT



PS here is the cookie mobile (Peggy if you're nasty) with her little license plate that was originally a cookie then a sticker then a pin and is now REAL!!!! (Is it okay to put your license plate online? I feel like it's fine right?)

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