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Cookie Pricing

This is the hardest part of cookie-ing for me for sure! Every order is different and prices need to adjust accordingly. This will be an attempt at defining the different cost tiers... just let me know on the request form if something doesn't make sense or if you have specific questions :)

bear with me... i know this is a LOT...

Additional Fees

They just keep coming and coming don't they?!

Gluten free cookies as well as Specialty flavors of dough or icing add an additional $5 per dozen

Rush Fees:

25% if order is placed within a week of the pick up date.

50%  if order is placed within 72 hours of the pick up time.


Kk, I'm going to get super candid about my feelings regarding budgets, specifically cookie budgets. I understand that custom decorated cookies are ridiculously expensive. I love to try to work with all budgets if I can. Sometimes that means simplifying some of the designs, doing just a few bonkers cookies from UNCO and then filling up the rest of the table with more inexpensive drop cookies from elsewhere, etc. I want to make your cookie dreams come true! (We all have cookie dreams right) It breaks my heart to limit colors and techniques but there has to be some semblance of rhyme and reason around here! 


So use the price guide as a way to get an idea of what the order quote will be. It's basically impossible for me to set fixed prices BECAUSE IT JUST DEPENDS!!! Every order is soooo different and requires a custom quote. Some (most) orders may be a mixture of 'Elaborate' and 'Basic' so they fall into the 'Mixed Bag' category... does that make any sense? Probably not, but if you have questions just ask!! 


Long story short: give me your budget, give me your vision, we can usually figure it out :)

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