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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Helllllllooooo my loves!! Look at me writing 2 blogs in one week! I legit just patted myself on the back. I'm feeling super motivated to put all of my poop in a group and start living my wannabe Martha Stewart dreams!! Oh man, let's take a moment to think about how awesome Martha is. sigh.

Speaking of awesome people and the main reason I am feeling so motivated: I have a suuuuuuper exciting announcement. (Well its super exciting to me and the UNCO universe in which I live. To you it will most likely just be news.) We have a new little filly joining UNCO! Welcome on board the one and only Anika Kleingartner! Her official title has yet to be decided, but she is going to be helping with getting back to people (because I am THE WORST) and organizing things and knowing about things like social media and websites (Ani can you figure out how to change this from pink to black, its so hard to read!!!!) and videos and adult things my lil mind can't/doesn't want to understand! She's perfect! And really most importantly now when I say "we" I'm not being a creep! I've only known Anika for 32 years, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and give her a chance. Call me a daredevil, but sometimes you gotta trust that gut!

Anywhosers I just wanted to give a quick intro so that people don't think I'm so lonely that I have created alternate usernames and am pretending to have partners. Oh man I really want to do that now...

We also have a new warehouse manager named Chuck McTubbins. He loves cheese and alligators and speaks exclusively in Mr. Freeze quotes from the "hit" film Batman & Robin.

Welcome Anika and Chuck! You are both real and we're excited to have you as part of the UNCO team!

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1 Comment

You are so hilarious! I think Anika should be your F’ART ASSt. (Food Art Assistant) Also, it was so nice to meet Chuck this Saturday, when I picked up my cookies. He’s so quiet, I almost didn’t notice him.

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