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Hey Unclings!

I keep getting emails from wix telling me I need to update my blog. So this will be my attempt at doing so:

Dear diary,

My first month of dayjoblessness went pretty well. Super busy finishing up on the last of the custom orders I took (only a few more left) so it was pretty craze-balls.

I’m working on getting some content for YouTube together. I’m having... difficulties. Turns out I’m not very good with computers and I’m not as charming as I thought... I’ll figure it out... probably.

I’m super duper excited to make holiday cookies! November’s box is going to be Thanksgiving dinner themed! Food cookies are my absolute favorite thing to make!!!

December’s box theme is going to be “Yay Winter!” I didn’t want to do Christmas, but I’ll definitely do a separate Christmas box in the shop for anyone who wants one. Fun fact: if you are a box subscriber you don’t automatically receive the specialty boxes BUT you can swap any monthly box for a holiday box. For example anyone who didn’t want the horror movie box this month could have swapped it for the Halloween one... if that makes any sense 😂

A few people have asked about the boxes because it’s kind of confusing. You can purchase each month’s box in the shop section of if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription plan. I totally get that not everyone has a monthly cookie budget. I definitely don’t 🤣 If you DO want a subscription box they are on their own page on the site and you can pick from the 3 sizes and either pay monthly or annually. Let me know if it’s still not clear. I know it’s weird 😊

Damn Gina this is pretty long and boring. Sorrrryyyyyy!!! Let’s do a giveaway! Comment on my blog post with a cookie box theme you would love to see! Winner will be randomly chosen on October 27th.

No need to be a monthly box subscriber to participate and since this is a giveaway I can ship them!! So comment from far and wide!!! Hooray! Oh... what is the prize Wit? It’s going to be unco bucks for a 6-pack! You can save it and use it on any monthly or holiday box of your choice 😊 anyway enough of this. Byeeeeeeeee



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