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“Hey unco - what gives? You said you don’t do custom orders and now you’re posting custom orders?”

Welp, this is uncomfortable. It’s true. We here at unco have adopted a “no customs because witney is awful at time management” policy. BUT - with the glorious addition of Anika there’s a teeny bit of wiggle room. We’re working on the logistics and trying some shtuff out...😊 more on that later...

But, what if you want some custom cookies NOW?? Some big birthday coming up? Want to woo your crush with something a lil different than the ole flowers and chocolates? Yas!! How about some crazy cookie sculpture that you want to leave on some random person’s doorstep just to confuse them. I bet they would think about that and wonder at least once a month or so for the rest of their lives. Yay! Let’s doooo it! You can win a custom box of your wildest dreams *******up to $150 value****** in our “We’re thurstin’ fer YouTube subscribers” contest!!

Full disclosure: we’ve never called it that before but I now refuse to call it anything else.

Essentially what you need to do to be entered in the drawing is subscribe to us on YouTube! HERE - The default setting for your subscriptions is to keep them private so unless you switch it to public we will need you to comment to let us know you’ve subscribed. We’re asking people to comment on the discussion page HERE but if you accidentally do it on a video or something we can figure it out 😊😊😊

You can earn additional entries into the drawing by referring new subscribers. Have the person you referred comment on the discussion page saying that they subscribed and then put the name of the person who referred them (hopefully you!!). You get a point for subscribing and a point for every person you refer!!

The contest is going on now through Wednesday, March 24th. On the 25th we’ll do a drawing for free custom cookies I can ship anywhere!!!!!! You get an entry for every point you have. So if 100 people tag you as their referral you get 101 entries!! Get it?? If not pleeeeeze let us know how we can clarify! Honestly it’s not super complicated it just adds a bunch of hoops because we can only automatically see who subscribed if they set their setting to public and blah blah blah. Moral of the story is that we are THURSTY for them subscribers 😂

We’re working on more, and better, content but for now we just really need to feel popular. It would mean sooooo much to all of us here at UNCO if ya took a minute to subscribe. We’ll be coming up with more giveaways and stupid crap as we hit different subscriber milestones (like painting my house pink if we hit 10,000).

K I think I’ve jibber jabbered on long enough. Thaaaaaaanks everybody! Lub lub lub you alllll ♥️

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