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The dealio with custom orders..

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Hello my beautiful little angels. I’m super sorry but I will not be doing any more custom cookie orders in the foreseeable future. I need to start sleeping normal hours and having a life outside of working 100% of the time. THAT BEING SAID, I will still be doing monthly boxes as well as random fun boxes throughout the year for holidays and what-not. I hope everyone understands, and if not… well I’m sorry… but I’m still not doing them…

I love you all! This will be good I promise! Think of how much more creative I will be if I am not crippled by looming deadlines, sleepless nights and all that malarkey!

Kisses <3


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1 Comment

I saw you on KFYR news and started following your Facebook posts. I love cookies. I mean who don’t! A few ideas for theme boxes could be Dexter, Care Bears. Thanks!

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