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So, here's the deal! 

Unconventional Cookies is operated out of Witney's home kitchen and therefore, we are subject to "cottage food laws".  Like, "house", cottage! Not cottage cheese... ew.

Annyyyway, that means under ND law, we can only do a PERSONAL HAND-OFF of food-type products. K? So, we have our local pick up days**, AND why we also have $5 Delivery for any Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln area folks. Rock! For you NON-locals...we do have other products available!! See below my sweets.

**Check out our FAQ Tab, Event Calendar for the latest and greatest pick-up day info!!

Valentines 2021.jpg
Valentines 2021.jpg

Sweatshirts, Aprons, SWAG bags...

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Cookie Cutter Kits, Sprinkle Sets, n MORE

Shopping Tabs - How they are categorized, y mas!

  1. "Cookies, Sprinkles, Food/Locals Only"

    • This tab contains products that fall under Cottage Food Law and are therefore --- "Bis-Man Locals Only!"​​​

  2. "Cutter Kits, Apparel, Shippable Stuff"

    • This tab contains products available to ALL folks!!!!! We can ship! YES!!!!!

  3. "Monthly Subscription Boxes"

    • This tab contains products that fall under Cottage Food Law and are therefore --- "Bis-Man Locals Only!"

Hey, so... custom cookie inquiries? Listen up!!!

 Custom orders are a very popular request here at Unco. So much so, we had to put on an indefinite hold in order to maintain sanity.  Well, our insanity has been refocused on humor and are now accepting VERY FEW custom cookie requests. Like, 1-2/month for now and we'll see how it goes!  Trial run baby.  

The cookies freeze SUPER well, up to 6 months with no problem! So, GO - plan ahead my darlings.  

So here's the deal:

Fill in our custom order form.  Order must meet certain qualifications/minimums.  Those are listed on the form. You will then be entered into our "raffle", where we will randomly draw a winner based on the applications received! 

**If you do submit a custom order form and we are unable to fulfill it, we will let you know prior to the raffle so that you can make other arrangements if needed

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