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RIP Subscription Boxes...

Hello my lovely dovelies! (don't worry it's a thing) I'm here to announce the very timely passing of our monthly cookie subscription boxes. BUT WHY WITNEY?!??!?! I know that they are the most important thing in all of our lives but MAMA NEEDS A BREAK!! With getting back into custom orders it is all just a little lot too much. PLUS I really want to do classes and events at the cookie haus. This will be good guys I promise! I will still make random weird cookies for y'all (maybe we'll get to do more giveaways and charity stuff now!!!) I just really miss my family. HA! K I guess that's all I really have to say about it!! Thanks for being understanding and supportive and wonderful and SEXY AS EFF!!! I seriously LOVE you all and am so so so grateful for all of this hot nonsense!!!!

The Nielsens thank you for letting us spend a little time together!!!!!! (in matching outfits of course) xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxooxoxoxo!!


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