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Ooooohhhh yeah doggy! Things are hustlin' and bustlin' over here at the cookie haus! So yeah, needless to say, I am dropping the ball on all things not cookies left and right. One of them there balls is announcing all of the winners from the guess the ceiling spots, name the pink dog and guess how many bulbs in the bathtub contests. I wanted to do some fun grand thing like a youtubes live or some such nonsense but then I think about being on camera and ugh face emoji :( I need to do laundry and get a perm or something. I currently look like the bully in a 90's nicktoon. Oh god I really do.

Aaaanyway, back to the contests I'm just going to do some lame old announcement on here and then we'll contact the winners to give them their FABULOUS prizes and what not. I probably don't need to be writing all of this in the blog huh? OH WELP. There's no way to change it now.



KK so this is your classic how many jellybeans in the jar type contest. Guess how many spots I stuck up on the ceiling! Yep, I totally kept track because I LOVE THIS KINDA CRAP!!!

The actual number of spots is 5,412! The closest guess was Miss Stella Brandt with a guess of 5,270! Only 142 off!!! CONGRATS! You have won an UNCO Class Pass!!!!!!! (now Anika comes out with a giant novelty class pass with Stella's name on it)



We did it. We FINALLY chose a name for the pink dog! I legit just patted myself on the back. There were MANY MANY amazing suggestions but nothing felt quite right until we read this amazingness:

Little Canoli "Lil" for short is now the official name of our guard dog! Thank you Miss Zoey Gorz for that Fan-flippin-tastic name :) You have won a free cookie of your choice at our next bake sale!



Andy and I spent a pleasant afternoon counting these up and not arguing about the best way to do it at all. Fun fact! Nobody asked his opinion! :) Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding! Love ya Nielsen!

We counted them TWICE and got the same number both times. The grand total was 733 bulbs! I was crazy impressed with the guesses (I was WAY off) and I've decided to give out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for this one!

In third place with a guess of 783 (only 50 off!) is Caitlin Tschritter. You my lovely little lily pad have also won a free cookie of your choice at an upcoming bake sale! (don't worry guys, Anika is organized and will let everyone know when and where things are!)

In second place with a guess of 753 (yep! only 20 off and it wasn't the winner!!) is Alli Volk. You my dear have won an UNCO cookie sweater decorating kit!

And lastly our victor, our champion, our first place winner, with a guess of 734 (Yep!! ONE OVER!!! Don't worry, I doubled checked to make sure Price is Right rules weren't specified.) is QWEEN Chettie Greer! Now I said that if anyone guessed the exact number they would win a $300 UNCO gift certificate instead of the $50. I have been informed by the powers that be that I am not allowed to just give the $300 one anyway (Its SOOOOOOO close!!! I squealed with excitement!!!) BUT I am going to give you a bonus class pass with your $50 gift certificate AND gurl you can also grab a free cookie at the next bake sale!

A biggo thank U to everyone who participated! It really makes me incredibly happy to do dumb stuff like this and have people actually play along! Here's a lil bonus contest! The first person to correctly guess how many bulbs I broke while counting them up also wins a free cookie!! (we'll mail it if you can't make it to a bake sale!) Anyway guess in the comments!! I'll think of some other nonsense contest soon! Love love love ya'll!


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