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Fun lil contest time!!

Hello all of you beautiful nematodes!

As you all know (because everyone is clearly obsessed with me, and my life, and I'm not delusional AT ALL) The Cookie Haus' bathtub is more of an art installation than a functioning bathin' station. And in the grand tradition of the "how many jellybeans in the jar" type of guessing games we are going to play GUESS HOW MANY BULBS ARE IN THE BATHTUB!!

That's right ladies and gents step right up and take a stab at guessing the EXACT amount of bulbs in the bathtub! They're many different sizes and I have no freaking clue how many there are so your guess is literally as good as mine!

Here are the dirty deets:

Guessing time is from now until 9:34pm on Thanksgiving night. Why 9:34 you may ask? Because the great Joey Kuntz once decreed that 9:34 is the best time whether it be AM or PM, and who am I to argue with him? I'll announce the winner on Black Friday on facebook and whatever nonsense you guys want it on. The Tik Toks?! FINE! I'll have Bri show me how to use it...

Everyone gets ONE GUESS so make it count!!! I legitimately have no idea how many there are. Some are the size of marbles all the way up to softball sized and that tub is FULL.

Cast your vote (well its not really casting a vote so much as making a guess... but you know what I mean) by commenting on this very blog!!! well how 'bout that!

"Well what the heck do I get if I win!?"

First of all, whoa there with the attitude. This is supposed to be fun. Jeez... But yeah the person closest to the actual number (yeah I'll count them, I'm cool, I've got nothing else to do on a Friday night) will win a $50 Unconventional Cookies gift certificate! You can use it for cookies, swag, classes, Anika will come to your house and sing opera in your kids' faces until they wake up, WHATEVER YOU WANT THAT WE OFFER OKAY!? Whew, now I need an attitude check. Sorry guys. These rage blackouts seem to happen once or twice per blog. My therapist and I are working on it.

ALSO lil frandzzzzz, if someone guesses the EXACT CORRECT numbie of bulbs they will win a $300 (nope didn't clear this with Anika, but she will forgive me) Unco gift certificate! THAT'S RIGHT!! You could have a dang private party at the cookie haus where I'll be your lil monkey butler with those kind of Unco bucks!

Please play with us! It really makes my day when people participate, and as previously discussed I am everyone's top priority. Thanks!

xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooooooooooooooooooo (all those o's equal a creepily long, awkward hug)


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