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Welcome to Shop UNCO!

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So, here's the deal, Unclings! AKA "Laws of the Land" 
We operate out of Witney's kitchen/magic UNCO cave - and therefore, we are subject to "cottage food laws".  Like, 'house or tin shack' type cottage. Not cottage cheese...bleck. I mean, who are we... Richard Nixon?? Nixon jokes - Are we smart?!?

OK, SO? whuddsat mean for me???

Schmokay! That means under ND law:

we can only do a PERSONAL HAND-OFFs and payment cha ching on site with food-type products (tha cookies). K?  Don't fight us on this. Anika was specifically hired on to be the business and the brawn.

We have our  pick up/event days...**AND we have $5 Delivery for any Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln area folks.

Want to get your mitts on cookies, but you're you out of state? Do you have a friend in our delivery zone? (OR, vice versa! Local but want to send an out of state frand cookies??)


Well....we can deliver to anyone local, prepare it for shipping and bah bam! Local folk  person sticks in the mail and we're all clear legal wise.  No more ladies' prison!!!!

**Check out our FAQ Tab, Event Calendar for the latest and greatest pick-up day info!!

Sprinkle Popsicle

Shopping Tabs/All UNCO Products!   How they are categorized, y mas:

  1. "Cookies, Sprinkles, Food/Locals Only"

    • This shop tab contains products that fall under Cottage Food Law of the Land and are therefore --- "Bis-Man Locals Only!"​​​

  2. "Cutter Kits, Apparel, Shippable Stuff"

    • This tab contains products available to ALL folks!!!!! We can ship! YES!!!!!

  3. "Monthly Subscription Boxes"

    • This shop tab contains products that fall under Cottage Food Law of the Land and are therefore --- "Bis-Man Locals Only!"

  4. "Custom Cookies"

    • So, ya wanna talk custom cookies - well, visit the tab kiddo!!​