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Prices range from $3-$7. 

For you pin heads, we currently have 3 design styles: Acrylic, Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel. 


Our designs are..... 

Acrylic pins: Skeleton, Gingerbread man, Unconventional Cookies logo ***The acrylic pins jut out about 1/4", they got some OOMPH.

Hard Enamel: Unconventional Cookies logo

Soft Enamel: UNMO (Momo design)


** Ok, the freakin "hard/soft" enamel names are deceiving, mkay? So, if you are looking for a SOFT PIN DESIGN, do not go by the namesake! It's basically the opposite. Oy vey.


PriceFrom $3.00
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