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What's a goin' on??

Please go back and read the title of this blog in Bret Michaels' voice ala Rock of Love. Thanks!

So yeah I (Witney) wanted to write a little diary entry about what the heck UNCO has been up to. I have been in hardcore summer mode. Feeling really sorry for myself whenever I have to be inside working/being a functioning adult, etc. The list of things I have been dropping the ball on is long and icky. This is when being your own boss isn't great. I need someone to suck up to and bend over backwards for until they fall in love with me. That's healthy right?

ANYWAY!!!! We've established that I'm a piece of crap, but I DOOOOOO want to share with everyone what we have been working on.

We're still rocking as many custom orders as we can, so that's fun! We're taking August off from the subscription boxes to work on our cookie house! I know there hasn't really been a formal announcement about it or anything (because I wanted it to be all pink trashified and perfect before we announced, but it is taking a LONG time to get everything ready!!) so I guess this is the official announcement! WE GOT A COOKIE HOUSE!!

What does that mean? Well I'll tell you! It means that I have so much cookie stuff that it has taken over our home in a way that enrages me daily. It's gotten so bad that Andy literally bought a house to put all my crap in.... And I get to decorate it however I want!! Cue the maniacal laughter!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah our delivery boi is now our landlord, but I'm still the boss of him. And Mo is the boss of us all.....

So Anika and I have been working super medium (let's be real here) getting it all unco-fied. And our friends and fam have been doing a TON of the work and I want to thank everyone who has helped and offered to help and I love you allllllll!!! We're going to be moving stuff in very soon, and the operation will back in action in the obnoxiously pink kitchen of my dreeemz!!!

Not sure when the "grand opening" will be or whatever so stay tuned for info on that. We're hoping the house can be a way for us to get more done in less time, allow us to lower prices, maybe we can do classes and parties and events and all the fun stuff!!!!!!!!!! Moral of the story: it's going to be good :) no. GREAT!

K I'll stop babbling about my playhouse and let y'all get on with yer day. Just let us know in the comments or whatever what you would like us to possibly offer at the cookie house! We were kind of thinking of trying out a "cookies and cocktails" type class. What techniques do people want to learn and stuff?

K I'll stop now. For real.

Love you allllllll and thanks for legit helping my dreams come true! This is all very fun and exciting!



Also: this is our "new" baby dishwasher. His name is Butch and we're in love.

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