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Magical Unicorn
Cookie Party!

Price per participant:   $45

Create a blessing - a group of unicorns (yes, this is really what it's called #believeit) in the form of cookies.


This party is great for anyone with the dexterity and patience to pipe and flood a cookie! So maybe like middle school aged and up? You tell me! I'm not going to age-splain who can do what...


During this project participants will each decorate 6 magical unicorn cookies using the piping/flooding techniques. There will be a short project demonstration followed by decorating/party time totaling around 90 minutes.

Each participant will receive:

  • 6 plain unicorn cookies

  • 2 bags of white icing (pipe and flood consistencies)

  • A bag of stiff consistency icing for unicorn hair (everyone will get a different color to use and share so the more peeps the more colors!)

  • 6 Unicorn horn sprinkles

  • Assorted decorative sprinkles 

  • UNCO sticker

  • Box for taking home cookies


***Participants will also have access to UNCO decorating tools and supplies that are meant to be used and not taken home. Such supplies include turntables, spray bottles, scribes, boo boo sticks, tweezers, etc. Just ask if you're confused :)

Or I'm ready to book this baddie!

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