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Traveling Cookie Party!

Price per hour:   $50

+plus the cost of kits

(kits will cost the same amount as the price per participant for the chosen party)*This party option requires more planning, prep, assembly and travel time which is why the price remains the same per participant as the Cookie Haus hosted classes. 

Let's take this show on the road! 


If you would like to have a cookie deco party or class at a location other than the Cookie Haus (but still taught by this weird weirdo) then this is the option for you! Any of our classes can be converted into kits, then Witney will pack those kits up and tote them to the designated location for the designated amount of time to demo and assist with the designated project! 

Each participant will receive:

  • A kit with everything needed to complete the party project (you have no idea how hard it was not to use the word designated)

  • Quality time with UNCO's Founder and Overlord Witney Nielsen

Or I'm ready to book this baddie!



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